Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Migration of Homeless

Soup Kitchen gears up for spring migration of homeless

With the early onset of spring this year, Bread of life Community Soup Kitchen has seen the migration of homeless through Iron County earlier then normal. Traditionally the homeless spend the winters in southern Arizona then move up to Washington for the summer. The I15 freeway is a direct route that is taken for this journey twice a year. With the Bread of Life Community Kitchen located just a few hundred feet from the freeway we get many visitors while they are undertaking this journey. We are in need of survival/camping gear for these people who are moving to more temperate climates. If you have any of the following items at home that you are not in need of anymore it would be greatly appreciated if you donated them.

Sleeping bags
Personal hygiene products
Water filters
Canned food

Thank you and God bless!


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